Stratford Police Department

Welcome to the Stratford Police Department's home on the web. As our department entered the new millennium, we felt the creation of this web site was not only appropriate, but also necessary as an advantageous means of interacting with the public. Additionally, the Officers of the Stratford Police Department now have the technology of Mobile Data Terminal within their patrol cars. Being connected to a State interface, the officers in the field can now promptly identify wanted persons, stolen property, illegal drivers and vehicles. Needless to say, these are powerful tools that are changing the face of law enforcement. As the Chief of Police I am somewhat relieved that our officers have the capability to identify the dangerous criminal element before approaching their vehicle often in the dark isolated areas.

Because the Stratford Police Department desires to take a Community Policing approach to law enforcement, we encourage our citizens to utilize our Police Tip Line button contained in this web site. If in the event you wish to share any information whether in confidence or otherwise, I assure you all information received will be routed to the appropriate unit (i.e. Patrol, Administration or Detective Bureau).

Any person interested in a career with the Stratford Police Department are encouraged to review the recruiting announcements on the New Jersey Department of Personnel web site ( with the Department of Personnel a written examination is taken by the applicant and a list of eligible candidates will be formulated.

I wish to thank you for visiting our site!

Ronald M. Morello
Chief of Police