Shade Tree Commission

The Mayor and Council have taken action to abolish the Shade Tree Commission.  Effective immediately the Commission is no longer in existence.  The Governing Body feels it is imperative to allow the homeowner to be in control of the trees in front of their home. 

The homeowner now has the power and right to trim or remove the curbside trees.  We encourage the residents to review their curbside trees and to trim as necessary for safe passage for pedestrians walking on the sidewalks, as well as safe for vehicles traveling or parking in the street.  If the tree is causing damage to your sidewalk, sewer, etc. you may take what action you feel is necessary. 

We would also like to inform you of the assistance Atlantic City Electric offers to homeowners who have curbside trees on the same side as the utility poles and wires.  ACE will remove the upper portion of the tree which is in the electric lines (which are the upper most wires on the pole, not to be confused with the lower telephone and cable wires).  This usually will help reduce the cost of tree removal, when ACE removes their portion.  Contact ACE customer service for more details on their assistance when you are planning to remove a tree.

The Department of Public Works will be utilizing a bucket truck and trimming trees as deemed necessary in the next 4 weeks.  The goal is to help elevate the tree branches over the roadway to allow for truck traffic to easily travel down the roadways.  Also some smaller dead and dying trees will be removed during this process.

A list of curb friendly trees is being created, so please do not plan on planting a new tree at the curb until we can offer a list of trees recommended for the curbside location.

If you have questions related to this action please feel free to contact the borough hall.  We appreciate your patience in the past, and your overwhelming support of this latest action.