Trash and Recycling

Stratford has curbside trash, yard waste, and recycling collection services for residential homes. Please have items at your curb no sooner than 24 hours prior and containers brought back inside or from public view within 12 hours of the collection day.

Holiday Trash Pickup Schedule [view]

Camden County Recycling

Camden County Waste Collection Days [link]

Residential Guide to Zero-Sort Recycling [flyer]

Paint and Toxic Waste Disposal
Please call (856) 858 - 5241 for more information.

The following areas/streets will have their trash picked up on THURSDAYS of each week:

Parkwood Section (Saratoga, Oak, Oak Court, Liberty, Academy and adjoining West Laurel Road)

Woods and Leaves Section (West Harvard, Pennsylvania, Rutgers Place, Eton Court, Swarthmore, West Union)

Estates II Section (Elinor, and the adjoining North side of Warwick Road where house numbers are odd numbers

West Laurel Road
Vassar Avenue between Warwick Road and the Railroad Crossing (consists of only two homes)

All of Voting District #5 which includes the following:
Estates I Section (Chestnut, Almond, Filbert, Hazel, and the adjoining South East Atlantic Avenue from Laurel Road to Laurel Springs, and #8 and #19 East Laurel Road)

All homes on the East Side of the White Horse Pike (Arlington, Hunt, Stratford, Coolidge, Laureba, Suburban Terrace, Bryant, Hunt, and Wellington)

All other homes in Stratford will have their trash picked up on WEDNESDAYS of each week.

The whole town will have recyclables picked up on FRIDAYS each week.
The newest trend in recycling is, "Single Stream Recycling". This makes it easier for you to recycle by allowing you to mix your paper in with your cans and bottles. They can all go in the same red recycling can. The recycling plant will sort out the paper from the cans and bottles. If you would like to separate them still you may, but they all go into the same truck.

Yard Waste:
Will now go out on your regular trash day. You no longer have to leave the lid off the container nor leave the bag untied. Branches still need to be tied, bundled in 4 foot lengths, or in cans. The yard waste will be picked up by the same truck picking up your trash.

We not only will save money with the Magnolia Agreement, but we feel the collection process is simpler, and we expect the service to be better.
If you have any questions regarding this new change, please feel free to contact Borough Hall, (856) 783-0600.

Picked up by Public Works Department - not necessary to call the Borough Hall for metal pick-up. Pick up every other week on Thursday and Friday, weather permitting. You can call the Borough Hall to find out what week Public Works is on. Scrap metals consist of metals that are not to be put into your recycling containers including washers, dryers, refrigerators, hot water heaters, stoves and air conditioners. There cannot be any concrete attached.

For more information about trash & recycling in the Borough of Stratford you can contact them at 307 Union Avenue, Stratford, NJ 08084 or by Phone (856) 783-0600 Fax (856) 783-9023